Two Things From Today That I Can’t Believe

1) Our taxi driver.

A mate from work and I had a meeting in the city today so we caught a cab in. On the way back we had a chatty driver, which was cool, until her proved he was a really chatty driver. As we were cruising along Dandenong Rd the taxi was filled with music.

“Bugger” he said and then picked up his mobile phone and started talking on it. While driving. A professional driver. On the phone. Driving…

But not just once. Ten seconds after he hung up (can you hang up a mobile?) his wife called back and he picked it up and started talking again.

2) Us

We just watched a full episode of Home and Away.

It must be 18 years since I watched an episode of Home and Away but we sat and watched every second. One question – what happened to Alf?

5 Replies to “Two Things From Today That I Can’t Believe”

  1. Alf hit Sally’s daughter with his car and nearly killed her. It’s changed him for the better – though possibly because Sally’s daughter didn’t, you know, die. I guess anyone would feel better after that.

  2. PS – I would have (and have done so) told the driver to stop as soon as he answered that phone and left the taxi. He’s got no right to put your lives in danger like that.

  3. I would have to say that I find that pretty standard behaviour for taxi drivers. Then again, I do not very often assocaite professional driver with being in a taxi…

  4. Have not had the weird experience of a taxi driver who talked on the phone. WTF?! I have had a taxi driver run a red light in the middle of town without batting an eyelid. It was a van full of people. He has obviously no issue with jeopardising the lives of others either! Many taxi drivers I have met are cool. Met a guy from Sth Africa the other weekend. Hubs was soo drunk he asked if he was from London!
    As for Home and Away. I recently tuned in again after many years absence and it was disturbingly easy to slip back into the ‘zone’.

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