Election Relief

Well, six weeks of election over. I had rolling headaches all Friday/Saturday, ebbing and flowing so sometimes I was out taking photos of sky writing and sometimes I was curled up under the doona cursing the sun for being so bright.

By a coincidence the headaches seemed to disappear around the time it became clear Kevin Rudd was going to be our next PM. Such dignified speeches from both he and Howard. I was impressed by Rudd’s speech (currently on the front page Kevin 07), a real call to arms for the country to make a change, make a difference. I truly hope he succeeds.

Kevin Rudd Election Banners

I woke up this morning without a pounding behind my eyes, which was great but meant I couldn’t put it off any longer. Saturday there were mower sounds coming from all over the neighbourhood and this morning next door started as I was hanging out the washing. There’s only so much peer pressure one can take, even at 37. Out came the mower and our yards no longer look like a tropical jungle. Throw in a visit from Rob, a family outing and steak and chips for dinner and today looks pretty good.

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  1. Your headache stopped. Our fridge started back up – and so did the car. I think they were both just holding their breath until they knew Howard was really GONE!! Woo!

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