5 Replies to “Pizza Time”

  1. Okay Jen,

    it may not quite be up to The Man’s vegemite pizza….

    Tomato/BBQ sauce on the base. Light sprinkling of cheese. Capsicum and mushrooms sliced and spread.

    One chicken fillet chopped and pan fried in small amount of bbq sauce.

    Top with fresh basil. Cook. Eat.


    Pineapple is evil and will NEVER EVER be allowed near a pizza of mine. When I rule the world pineapple will be banned in all of its forms except for pineapple juice. (Which, come to think of it may be difficult to make without pineapples.)

    As for the cheese I should have mentioned it’s a mix of mozzarella and your stock standard cheddar. It’s a classic case of less is more.

    You’d probably have liked the Aussie I made for the kids. Lots more cheese, but no evil pineapple.

  3. Ah! BBQ sauce on the base too!! Have to remember that one. Really does look awesome. We’re so making pizzas this week.

    Will post pics!

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