The Good From An Ill Wind

helenandtheumbrella After an incredibly blustery morning that had everyone’s nerves on edge Sunday’s wind storm brought Mary Poppins and the Poppinets (aka my sister Helen, along with sister Kate and mum) to our house.

We didn’t need any prompting or that hard of a push to leave them in charge of the kids so we jumped in the car and headed off to Williamstown for a spot of Vietnamese for lunch. It was too windy for a stroll so we headed up the road to the Sun and caught a film. Even better, after a bit of research to check it was okay, Rae and I enjoyed a bottle a champers as we watched ‘Death At A Funeral’.

So, that’s no kids, a lunch where we could order whatever we wanted, a movie and a bottle of bubbly; how could the day get any better? Well, when you get home to find your house cleaned top to bottom and dinner waiting for you life becomes pretty good. It’s amazing what a difference removing all that dust makes. Combine that with the fact we didn’t have to worry about Saturday lunch either as Rob and Zita sat the kids while we went to finalise house details and we came back to a cooked lunch. Talk about being spoilt rotten.

Before the sisters and mum flew away I took them out to see our block. Well, I attempted to. You see I had never actually driven to the block before, I’ve always been a passenger. Yes, I got lost going to our own block of land and not just once, but twice. I’m never going to live that one down. All I can say in my defence is that I was born and raised in Shepparton, the most grid-based country town you could wish to find. Once you throw in a bend, a curve, another bend, another curve I could be anywhere. We’re going to have to buy a new Melway or get sat nav if I’m ever going to find my way home.

Either that or I’ll give Helen and a call and follow the umbrella.

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  1. LOL, that’s hilarious Tony! Yes, a good map and a man who admits he needs it are a good combination. Sounds lovely with all the care and attention you’ve been receiving.

    Sad to see how poorly the Canucks are doing!! What’s happened to the wheels on that team? Fallen off over the summer perhaps? But Anaheim is in worse shape. Ottawa, ahhhh my team Ottawa. *grins* Doing very well, thank you very much! hehehe, long season, however, and much can change.

  2. I forgot the other option of getting a phone that will allow me to use Google Maps.

    Not sure what’s going on with the ‘nucks. We’re okay on the road (4-2) but so far our home record is shameful. Sigh.

  3. Ah, the wonder of escaping and returning to a clean house. It does wonders for the mind. If we hadn’t cleaned the trailer to within an inch of its skanky little life before we went away, coming home on that windy Sunday would have been totally unbearable. Instead of just generally unbearable 😉

  4. If your Poppettes feel like swooshing by my place for a little cleanie-uppenses, I wouldn’t mind!

    Sounds like you had a very pleasant break!

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