…In This Almost Empty Gin Palace

Wow, this blog sure is empty. One post in a few weeks which was admittedly some pretty big news for us but surely something else has happened over that time.

Well, not really, I’ve just been incredibly busy with work and save for stressing about our new mortgage there’s been precious little time for anything else. We’re now on to our third lender, thanks to some unforeseen problems with long service leave, but we think we’ve got it all sorted now and we’re all set to pay up on time. Fingers crossed.

We did go for a walk in Yarraville today. I spotted three signs to add to my collection but forgot to take my camera. Grrrr. We were going to say hi to Jenny at Chalk but she was run off her feet. Bert loved almost everything in the store so I don’t think it will be long before we return.

Rae’s even found time to do some video. So if you’d like to see young Bert in action, check him out below getting down to the Play School theme.

3 Replies to “…In This Almost Empty Gin Palace”

  1. Tony, Tony, Tony …

    I am disappointed, nay shocked at the fact that reading my blog has taught you nothing.

    You ALWAYS take your camera. ALWAYS!!!!!

    I fear you and I need to go on a photo walk so I can impart more photographic mantras into you.

  2. Adorableness to the extreme! And I am with Richard on the camera taking thing.

    Though, says me who went to a wedding last night and DIDN’T. *flails*

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