News Nappers

One of our little luxuries is to have The Age delivered on the Weekend, it’s great to have it waiting there for you when you wake up and you can start the day properly with coffee and the sports section.

This morning we heard the car pull up and the double thud of the papers landing in the drive. Excellent. Ten seconds later the car was back, door open, scamper scamper, door closed and car drives off. Fair enough, they must have delivered the wrong paper and were replacing it. We both rolled over and tried to ignore the grumbling babies and kids.

How naive we were.

Some dastardly rat had pulled over and nicked our paper.

If it happens again I’m going to have to take a leaf from Daniel’s book and become a newspaper vigilante. Newspaper thieves of the inner west, you have been warned.

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  1. How annoying, really. I mean, that’s just the lowest thing, I think, right up there with letting your dog crap on someone’s lawn and walking off, not picking it up. 😛 😛

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