I Am Not Alone!

After all these years wondering if I was the odd one out and the only person in the world with these feelings I find I am not alone. Oh the relief.

Jenny from Chalk I know exactly what you mean.

I too can not stand cotton wool – the thought of having to pick up a cotton wool ball makes me run screaming from the house like a little girl. Even typing the words puts my teeth on edge. I’m just hoping the twins are toilet trained by the time I take over their care, I don’t think that’s too much to ask at nine months old.

Oh god, I need a coffee to get over the thought of that evil white stuff.

3 Replies to “I Am Not Alone!”

  1. The texture Andrew, after three babes the thought of what it can be used for no longer holds any fear.

    Ich. My skin is crawling just thinking of two rubbing together. Please, lets move on to more pleasant subjects.

    Let’s chat about a having a filling with no anesthetic…

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