6 Replies to “My Very Own Mini Me”

  1. I would have said the demons 😉

    Tony, can you confirm there will be a television with the grand final on it present at your bbq. I’m in negotiations with the man. ‘they LIKE football Matt, thats why they’re HAVING A BBQ. I distinctly remember people watching the game last year!! …even if I wasn’t one of them.

  2. *heehee* Don’t worry. I saw in Cairns Central yesterday a dad with a red tshirt with on with big white lettering that read ME. He was holding his son’s hand who had on a white tshirt with big red lettering that read MINI ME. *snort*

    I just saw your comment over on Star’s site (WedOff) and noticed you lived in Melb. Being an ex-Melb person I thought I’d pop by and say Hello! So, hello.

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