Trying Times

I know marriages aren’t all plain sailing, that you have to work hard at them if you want them to succeed and that people change over time but I honestly never expected to face such a challenge to my vows this early in our life together.

It’s hard to write about but, and please don’t judge her for this, but this morning I found Rae making an instant coffee. Sure there were tears, explanations, excuses as you would expect and promises it would never happen again but I feel like I don’t know my wife any more. Riva instant. From a jar.

I know, I know. I did ask you not to judge.

I don’t know how long she has been hiding this little secret from me and I also know that I should be approaching her with compassion and love but I’m finding it very hard.

Instant. Of all the things.

I guess I’m going to have to put this behind, move on, but if I find out the bacon in our Sunday morning breakfast is fake then it just may be the end of the line.

7 Replies to “Trying Times”

  1. Yeah…you got me!! I just about said OH MY GOD!!!

    But seriously instant coffee is pretty awful. If I were you I’d get rid of the jar, then inspect the shopping to make sure no more gets snuck in. You might have to do your own kind of border security.

    You should make sure however that GOOD coffee is made readily available so that this tragedy can’t happen again.

    I do maintain however that it’s drinkable if someone else makes it for you.

  2. I think Jen is right – if someone else made me a coffee every morning, I wouldn’t have to use instant as my rush ‘hit’.
    Yunno, it is YOUR twins I’m rushing to feed… You COULD make me a “real” coffee…

  3. You totally got me. I had that sinking feeling… and if I was into coffee, that feeling would have continued, but, yunno, she’s got a lot going on – maybe you should make sure there’s some there for her in a thermos or something…

  4. Tony,
    I am so glad that you found out by yourself. I have been racked with guilt since I was at your house. Should I tell Tony of this cheating, is it my place to tell, whose side should I take. It has been a serious issue that I have been discussing with Stephen. He keep telling me to keep my nose out of other people’s relationships… By the way did you make her some ‘real’ coffee this morning????


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