Optus, Yes. Or No. Or Maybe.

I have my business mobile with Optus and I got a call from them tonight about transferring my internet to my business account. I thought I’d see what they could offer so I said sure, tell me what you can do. I gave my address and phone number and waited a minute or two only to be told that unfortunately “due to the wiring in my house [oh, come on….] Optus can’t offer internet access to that address”.

That’s a bit odd as our phone and internet access has been with Optus ever since we moved in 18 months ago. I pointed this out to the friendly phone guy who said “I don’t how that can be because the computer says no.”.

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  1. *LOL* It’s probably more a case of their database hasn’t been updated in eons and the wiring to the house has been fixed (obviously, since you’re using Optus intarwebs).

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