This morning we were faced with a quandary. It was 6.10am, there was no news on the telly and all the computers in the house were off but we wanted to know who had won the footy last night. What to do? Fire up a PC and wait a minute or so, or take a trip back in time and have the info in a matter of seconds.

imageWe too the back to the future route, flicked on Channel 7 and hit the Teletext button. 10 seconds later we saw the Magpies held on by 11 points and an old technology temporarily trumped a new.

I’ve loved Teletext for years, since the very early 90s when I was living in a house that had it, a rare luxury back in uni days. It’s been all but trumped by the net in the intervening years and I can’t believe that Channel 7 have kept it going. Every now and then I’ll flick it on just to make sure I haven’t missed its demise.

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  1. Our newish tele has teletext. It was a bit of fun to work out how it works….but really, the never off computer is quicker than me trying to remember how to work teletext each time.

  2. I used to check the weather on it. Page 342 used to be Melbourne, but I think they changed it.

    Page 801 is subtitles (on most channels). Went through a phase of having this turned on when the kids were watching, to help their reading. Switch it on during the news and you may find the banter between the news reader and the weather man is all scripted.

  3. 342 is still the weather. Or is it 346? ARgh! Anyways. Like Daniel said. 801 is good for my deaf ear. And the boot up times on the interwebs pooter just doesn’t cut it vs the TV.

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