New Arrival

No, not for us or for Beth (congratulations Beth), I’m talking about Harry.

Tomorrow morning is Harry Potter time. At 9.01 the last Harry Potter (say it ain’t so Jo) is available to the world. I’m trying to avoid any spoilers that may be floating around as I’ve pre-bought our copy at the local book shop in Yarraville. I won’t be lining up at 9.01, I’ll let the kids crowd for their copy but I’ll be there not too much later.

Our only problem is who gets to read it first. I claim that as paid for it and I’m picking it up I get first dibs. Rae claims that as she’s at home with the kids she should get first go. The money or the kids, what a modern predicament.

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  1. Thank you 😉
    I’m gagging for the new Harry as well. I’m going under media blackout until I get a copy. One of my friends who used to work in a bookshop said he’d get me a copy – but he’s not getting it until MONDAY!! What’s the point of that!? I might just head out tomorrow morning and see if Cranbourne boasts a bookshop…

  2. I read the end of the book. Now I know, I don’t care. *LOL*

    (Yes, silly thing to do, but after what certain people did to me during the week, I wanted to know straight away.)

  3. Yep, I’ve been avoiding the net all week since I heard the book was released early. Almost finished it now. Lucky for me the man doesn’t read them…BUT he DID queue up for an hour to get me a copy..while I went to the gym. That’s a few brownie points.

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