18 Replies to “They’re Here”

  1. Hip Hip Hooray!!!

    They look very sweet. I can’t wait to meet them in person.

    Well done to you both. I like your work.

  2. How wonderful, my little twin grandchildren, they look beautiful, can’t wait for a cuddle.
    Love Nana Lois

  3. OH MY GOD I want a set!!!!!! They are the most beautiful things i have seen in quite a while …Well Done!!!
    Aunt Hele (They would have been even cuter born on the 4th of July!!!)

  4. Congratulations !! Double whamo. 2 Beauties with an excellent breeding line; what else can one expect. Hope Mum R is well after the ordeal and high 5 to Dad T who did all the early hard yards (ya have to luv a Tiger). Love to all inc of course Phee and Bert who are about to have their golden slumbers horribly disturbed. x x x x

  5. They’re BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    Congratulations Tony and Rae!

    The manbeast’s reaction: “Yep, they’re babies.”

    Hehe, he’s happy for you too.

  6. A hearty congratulations from Canada to you all! They’re beautiful! I don’t envy the disruption they’ll cause the household but it’ll be so much fun later on. 🙂 ((((hugs to all)))))

  7. Congratulations!

    A perfect pair, that’s quite a recipe you guys are using!

    Many good things your way…

  8. Hey guys, well done. Two good looking little rugrats for your enjoyment! If your posts are a little more sporadic or incoherent for a little while, I’m sure we’ll all understand.

    Congratulations again.

  9. Big congrats to you all! Tell Rae I’m thinking of her with great admiration 🙂

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