Side By Side

The fridge we have now was Rae’s. It’s a great fridge but she bought it when it was just her and Phee so it’s reached bursting point now that a family of two is a family of four. On Friday we were discussing the bulging fridge/freezer problem and realised that adding two more mouths to the equation meant we were going to have to look at another fridge.

Thankfully some web sites have paid up recently so we had began the search, looking at the big chain stores online to see what our options where. Ouch. Fridges, just the plain white two door (for larger freezer space without going to a chest freezer) options we were looking at were almost two grand. Hmmm. Let’s wait for sales we thought but then Rae had the bright idea of looking on Ebay.

12 hours later we’d been to check out a brand new, but with a couple of tiny scratches, fridge in a funky Richmond warehouse apartment and paid up – for less than half the recommended price, and with a warranty.

Rob and I are off to collect it today and the old one is now for sale on Ebay. If you’re after a bargain of a fridge that’s not quite big enough for a family of six then bid away!

So that’s a new car and a new fridge. I wonder if I can convince Rae that our telly isn’t big enough for six people to be watching at a time and that we really do need that new big LCD screen.

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  1. well now you don’t want everyone to be squinting at the tv. Could be bad for eyesight and cute as twin babies will be…you don’t want kids calling them ‘eight eyes’ when they have to get glasses.

    Big tv – definitely necessary!

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