Footy Notes

  • Draws suck. It’s like watching a play, say a murder mystery. It’s just at the end and the English detective has taken centre stage. He says ‘No Jeeves, the murderer actually was…’ and the house lights come on and the actors walk off stage.
  • Why is it impossible to buy a pen at Telstra Dome? I forgot mine last night and couldn’t mark the goals in The Record. You also can’t buy batteries if your radio conks out.
  • What happened to the surface at Telstra Dome? It’s half way through the season and it is perfect. I demand a royal commission.
  • Why would you come to the footy if you just want to spend the entire game yelling the foulest expletives known to man at your own team? Yes C26 and C27 – I’m talking about you and I’m contacting The Tigers tomorrow. You’ve already driven the lovely two ladies and a family away but I’m not moving – you will be.

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  1. Psst. The grass at the Dome? Not real. Very good not real. Know a lady who works for the very good but not real grass company. She told me so.

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