Life On The Mars On The ABC

This Sunday night at 8.30 switch off the phone, get comfy on the couch, or set the DVR, or VCR, but whatever you do don’t miss Life On Mars on the ABC. It’s possibly the best show on television since the show you think is the best show on television.

The line I heard on 6 Music that made me download the first ep went something like this.

“Sam Tyler is a detective. David Bowie’s ‘Life On Mars’ is playing on his car’s iPod when he is hit by another car. He wakes up in 1973 with ‘Life On Mars’ playing on an 8 track.

Is he in a coma? Has he gone mad? Or has he really traveled back in time?”

It is superb, absolutely superb story telling.

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  1. GodDAMMIT! I forgot to watch it!! It’s made by the same people who do my other two FAVOURITE shows – Spooks, and Hustle. I am going to start hunting my torrent haunts….

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