The Pile

Here’s the pile of books that has been building up beside my bed for god only knows how long.

The Books From Beside The Bed


From top to bottom.

My current read, from my favourite author, Iain Banks. I only ever made it half way through this book the first time I read it and I have no idea why. I’m really enjoying it this time around.

London – The Wicked City. A Thousand Years Of Prostitution And Vice.
Saw this in Books In Print on Friday and as it looked interesting and I had a voucher it’s now on the pile to start after Whit.

Don’t Make Me Think
A classic book on web site usability. Prompted several changes to the home page of after reading only the first chapter. Constantly re-reading.

Apple Premiere Elements 3.0
User guide for Adobe’s consumer video editing software. Dipped in and out.

Set In Darkness
The only Ian Rankin Inspector Rebus book I haven’t read. I’ve started it at least 5 times, there’s a train ticket going back to 2000 stuck inside as a book mark.

The Society Murders
Rob’s book, got through chapter 1 before Rae took it and I haven’t got back to it yet.

The autobiography of Steve Wozniak, designer of the early Apple machines. Interesting read but his style of wiring threw me. For such an obviously intelligent man it threw me – written simply and honestly. I’d love to compare it to a Steve Jobs autobiography, I think the two would be polar opposites.

(Steve Wozniak talking about the book and his life on You Tube)

A Death In Belmont
Interesting story of America in the early 60’s and the history of the Boston Strangler, or the man who may have been the Boston Strangler.

Birthday gift from Miss Marita. My aim is to finish it by this birthday.

Why TV Is Good For Kids
A present from Phee. Nice try kiddo. It’s a book about common parenting misconceptions.

History’s Great Untold Stories
Fantastic book with stories of little know historical figures and events that had a huge impact on the world. I love this sort of book.

Adobe Illustrator CS2
Introductory User Guide for Adobe Illustrator. I still can’t get the hang of the Bezier curve tool.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0
Yet another Adobe User Guide.

Systems Architecture
An old text book. Good for balancing the lap top on if I can’t find the stable table.

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  1. Oooh, can I pinch the Londony one when you’re finished? Sounds like my kind of book.

    (No, do not question what that says about me. It’ll do your head in.)

  2. I just read A Death in Belmont – it was very good. Reminded me a lot of The Shark Net.

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