A Cunning Plan

Of all the weeks, they try to get me when my resistance is at an all time low.

It started many years ago now. I had met this wonderful woman, things were going really well. There was one problem though, her football team, The Western Bulldogs, were in dire financial straits and things were looking bad for them. This made her sad and I don’t like to see her sad so I thought I’d do my part by buying a basic membership to support them, and her.

Many years later that wonderful woman is my wonderful wife and I still get a basic membership for the Dogs each year, on top of my Tiger membership of course. This year I dropped down to a ‘Kennel Club’ membership, basically a stay at home supporter, as I would stay home with Bert while Rae went to games with Phee.

Of course the whole world knows about the humiliation my Tigers suffered last weekend; going down to Geelong by a record margin of 157 points. We still haven’t won a game so being a Tiger supporter is tough work this year, and has been especially so over the past 4 days.

This afternoon I get a phone call. It’s from the Doggies. Apparently I have been randomly selected as the winner of 4 Gold Reserve seats to the game this Sunday. Free seats, level 2 at Telstra Dome. That’s impressive.

If I was a weaker man they may have got me for good instead of just this one game.

Go The Dogs!

3 Replies to “A Cunning Plan”

  1. Hey well done. Enjoy the game. Hope the doggies give you something to cheer about.


  2. One hundred and what????? Gee you blokes got thrashed.. I think the Dogs have taken pity…random my bum, they know who you are!!!

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