Joker On Kings Way

Driving to work this morning I was almost side swiped by a silver convertible that seemed intent on passing a bus as we swung around the Kings Way off ramp.

As I pulled up at the lights at the bottom of the ramp I noticed the car pull up. Its door flew open and Mr Finger Pointing jumped out and raced to the bus and let fly. I could hear him over the podcast I was listening to. He yelled all the way back to the his car and then turned and started yelling at the people who began to honk him when the light turned green and he was still out of his car.

Kings Way Altercation Kings Way Altercation - Still Going

If this guy is a boss of anyone I feel sorry for his employees, they’re not going to be in for a good day today.

5 Replies to “Joker On Kings Way”

  1. He looks like one of my bosses.

    Fortunately he was heading in the wrong direction to BE one of my bosses.

    This is good. *L*

  2. Drivers never used to behave like this. What has changed that causes people to lose self control? Make of car noted!

  3. Bus driver probily cut him off earlier in the trip and deserved the spray. Bus drivers are like 4wd drivers, because they are in the bigger vechile feel as though they own the road…..

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