A Blatant Plug

Go and Download DivX for Windows.

There you go.

Now I’ve put that on my page I’m eligible for a free Div X Pro licence, and if you put a link on your site you can get a free Div X Pro licence too. Mind you, this isn’t just a shameless grab for a freebie, I actually like Div X and one of the reasons we bought the new DVD player we did last year is that it could play Div X encoded video. It’s a lot more convenient, and quicker, to load heaps of Div X files on to a DVD to play them on the telly than to convert the same files in to DVDs.

And while I’m telling you all what to do – think about it and then sign up to be an organ donor.

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  1. Okay, you know… I am just just going to put the fact that I read the title to this post as “A Butt Plug” to the fact that it’s after 2am and I am a bit strange.

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