Ticket To Hell

Ticket to AFL game, Richmond vs Magpies 13/4/2007

It really was a nightmare on Friday the 13th.

Sitting at work in the morning I get an email from Rob, ‘So, should we go the game tonight?’. What on earth possessed me to say yes?

As we both cut back our memberships to home games only this year I had the experience of having to queue and buy a ticket for the first time. We managed to get seats on the ground level and settled in, along with 70,567 of our friends (including Jen), to watch the game.

 Camera Phone Picture Of Our Seats At The MCG

Well, I watched it for the first half. The second half I sat with my head in my hands waiting for the nightmare to end. But it didn’t. Three games in to season 2007 and I’ve all but given up hope now. You’ve had three years Mr Wallace if you, the coach, don’t know what’s wrong we’re really in trouble.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Well as a pies supporter and someone who desperately needs to get 8 for the next few weeks in the tipping I was starting to wish I’d tipped Richmond …in the first quarter anyway.

    I looked for you though! We had seats on the ground too, southern stand.

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