Stuck Train

This morning a train was stuck on the tracks for 20 minutes cutting off our way to The Coat. Cars came, sat and went around the (really) long way. The chef from The Coat was stuck too and while I was there the new waitress ran up to the other side of the tracks, both talking to each other on their phones. He hopped out of his car, threw the keys over the train and headed off. Problem solved, cafe open on time.

When the train eventually disappeared the boom gates stayed down. After a minute some idiot decided to drive over the tracks on the wrong side of the street and zipped through the shut gates. As he drove off Rae spotted a big sticker on his bumper bar : ‘Touched By The Road Toll’.


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  1. What is this coat place. Saved to check properly tomorrow. If you look right, look left and look right again, is it ok to drive through railway boom gates? Probably not so stupid as those who would queue at a traffic light across a railway line.

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