Downs And Ups

Hi hate this time of year and where we are heading. Hate the early sunset and late sunrise. Hate the cold. Hate the grey. I’m already counting down the days to daylight savings starting again but there’s a fair bit to get through until then, the least of which is adding two members to the family in one go.

Apart from this one bright spark scheduled for the dead of winter (guess this year we’ll find out how much it costs to run a heater 24 hours a day) there are two positives and both of them start this week.

First up is the footy. I’m not confident of the Tigers chances this year. A couple of injuries in pre-season has really highlighted the lack of depth in our team. One or two more and that’s it as far as being competitive goes. I’m actually predicting a small fall down the ladder this year – 10th or 11th is where I think we are. Go on Tige’s, prove me wrong.

Of course footy season means footy tipping and this is a late reminder to join my footy tipping competition. Do it for the glory. Do it for The World’s Ugliest Trophy. Do it for the Grand Final BBQ. Just do it. If you know nothing about the game you’re probably in a better position than any of us who claim to.

The second bright spot for the winter season is Doctor Who starts again this weekend. Well, in the UK at least. God only knows when the ABC will get around to showing it. I can’t wait to see Mr Tennant (with new suit) back in action, complete with new companion.

Two years ago, at the end of winter, we had just watched the final episode of the first season of the reborn Who on the ABC. It was a cold night but we went for a walk afterwards regardless. Three hours later Bert was born. Couldn’t tell you if the TIgers won that weekend though.

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  1. What a weekend that was… Highlight had to be my beloved Bulldogs beating your Tiges. Final score: 18.11(119) to 16.11(107). Oh and of course, being able to have the actual Bert in our arms to enjoy listening to his first real game.

  2. Ah, thankyou Rae for clearing that up. Though of course the thought the tigers might have won had never entered my head.

  3. Let’s not forget that the Vancouver Canucks may/will make it into the playoffs. Now, how far they get is up to the gods of fate 😀

    Woo hoo the Ottawa Senators are in. But I’m betting on them losing to the Buffalo Sabres again this year. Mark my words!

    I hope your Tigers do well 🙂

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