5 Replies to “Zoom”

  1. I saw that jet hovering just above the city while I was walking along the Strand today and was thinking “Ay? Where did that come from?” Had my ipod up quite high but still heard the revs.

  2. Steaming from the ears Tony, thanks for asking. Luckily I was working…….Sunday working on a nice sunny day is normally not good.

  3. So, it really is that loud as to disturb everyone, huh? Didn’t realize that! Is the general consensus that it’s “good” or “bad” for the city? I saw that Mark Webber was saying it was good, in general, for the promotion of Australia, and Melbourne in particular. I know I was watching it last night at 11 pm. Wanted to see if my fave, Alonso could win. He didn’t but he gave it a good shot, anyhow.

  4. That’s just the start – the Airshow is on this weekend. Afterburners and dump’n’burns all-round! My brother and I are volunteering at the show so we’ll get up close and personal to some of these flashy aircraft. 16 years as an aircraft mechanic and he’s still an aviation tragic. Can’t wait for the night flying show on Friday night.

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