It Seats 7

The New Car

We picked up the car this morning. Uncle Rob came with us as he was an integral part of the whole car shopping experience. It was all fairly quick; the car is in Rae’s name so she had to sign about 10 times, we handed over the cheque (ouch) and away we drove.

To give the car a little test we drove to Queenscliff for a coffee and morning tea then gave it a good going on the freeway back home. It’s a lovely car to drive although I find it a bit odd sitting so high. “Look at me, I’m driving a car.” is how I feel. We’ve Scotch Guarded the seats, put a cover on the back seats for the kids and tucked it away for the night. Now we just have to dispose of the Magna and our car story is hopefully over for a while.

And as Jen and Rae have pointed out this means Rae will be flying a broomstick to work every day. I fear for my life so I’m not taking that thought any further…

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  1. Oh, I remember the days of the family outings in the people mover (ours sat nine). You do feel very high up in them. Yours looks a lot more stylish than ours ever did though.

  2. Oooh…shiny! Being up high in a car is so weird. Every time I get in a 4WD I feel a tad voyeuristic – like you’re spying on people in normal-height vehicles.

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