New Home

Well, that took a little longer than expected. Lately when I’ve redelegated a name the change has happened within a few minutes, this change of hosts took almost 24 hours – back to the bad old days. Mail is flowing again now and the blogs are showing so things are good. I never should have left this host – rock solid performance for years but I thought I’d check out another local provider.

What a mistake.

They almost cost me a client when one of their servers went down – and stayed down for three weeks. I didn’t move the site straight away because they were always promising in emails and on the phone that they were hours away from going live again. Idiot me for believing them. When they did come back my client lost weeks of work as the host, despite their assurances, had no back ups. Lucky I had only the one client site with them and after a quick trip to Sydney to sort out the problems in person all was well.

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