Living on Borrowed Pod

I’m a man living on a borrowed pod. Over Christmas my trusty (?) old 40GB, 4th generation iPod gave up the ghost – every time I connect it to my machine it wants to format the hard drive and start afresh. I’ve managed to get all of my music back on after one disastrous time when I said ‘yes’ but now I’m stuck and can’t update.

I realise now that I didn’t use my pod that much for music but it had become indispensable for listening to podcasts as I drove to and from work. No more Boag World, no more Crazy Canucks, no more Cam on G’day World or The Movie Show. After suffering through a week of radio I got down on my knees and begged Rae to lend me hers until I can scrape enough together to get another. Rae, being the wonderful wife that she is (or maybe it was because she was so tired she didn’t realise what I said) handed over her Nano.

The Nano is fantastic. It’s probably what I’ll aim for when I re-enter podland. 2GB is more than enough for my podcast selections and leaves ample space for music should I feel the need. I loved being able to carry my entire music collection with me wherever I went but with no stand-alone widescreen video iPod on the way it looks like downgrading is the best approach.

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  1. Yeah, probably going to end up getting one of those myself. Not looking forward to being in the air for 25 hours with nothing to listen to but my seat neighbours talk (to me, the horror!).

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