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The Sydney Opera House Syndey Harbour Bridge

a quickr pickr post

Photos are from my old camera phone, I really need to update to a better camera for snaps such as this. Yes, I am in Sydney on business. I’ve spent a day with a couple of my Sydney based clients and have a couple more tomorrow. It’s funny meeting people face to face after years of emails and phone calls. One matched my image almost perfectly, the other was so far off it was scary! I’ve also picked up a new client so the trip has been very worthwhile.

I’ve lashed out and am staying in the lap of luxury just off Circular Quay. Seafood by the harbour, a stroll around the rocks and Circular Quay after dinner and now I’m back in the room getting some work done. Hopefully I will have a couple of hours spare tomorrow afternoon to have a wander around the city and take some proper photos before I head on home.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten my family, Bert has made sure of that. I was walking to the terminal this morning and could feel a stone in my shoe. I took it off after I checked in only to find half a squashed biscuit (cookie if there are still any American readers out there) all over my sock. Well done son.

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  1. g’day anthony, hows it going?
    i love your signs, really cool. What sort of coffee do you like most, i love macchiato!
    do you remember me from our days back at highschool, i was in your class.
    you were really funny!we should catch up. just leave a message on your blog, and we’ll arrange it.
    cya mate
    Stanley Wether

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