Well, this post was just taken a severe u-turn. I was about to write about how bloody annoying it is when neighbours have an alarm and a sudden change in the weather makes it go off when they aren’t home. It happened a lot in our previous house so when I got home today and the neighour’s alarm, right outside the window where I work, was shrieking for over an hour I thought ‘oh god, here we go again’. I’d even taken a quick video of the alarm sounding to show you just how annoying it was.

But as I sat down the alarm stopped. Then there was a knock at the door.

It was Richard, the neighbour, and his house had been broken in to. I told him what time I had arrived home and he told me ‘they’ had smashed in his back door before being frightened off by the alarm. He was off up the street to see if anyone could help narrow down the time.

Hell of a way to meet the neighbours.

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