Take Two

I love my kids, although this is mainly about Bert, but at the moment I’d pretty much sell them for a song, or more to the point, a movie.

Rae and I first clicked over talking about movies, we had our first kiss after going to the movies, we would travel for over an hour to watch an old film projected in 16mm and glorious crackling mono and then drive back home again after midnight. We have a collection of DVDs that would probably allow us to open our own aisle at Blockbuster if they’d sublet.

In short we love movies and love going to movies and the thing I miss the most about having kids is that, not counting the wedding, we have been to one movie together in the past fourteen and a half months. We’ve missed a few in that time that we’re slowly catching up with on DVD but there’s nothing like sitting in the cinema with a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates and a hand to hold for two hours.

Mum is coming down in a couple of weeks so hopefully we’ll have a sitter on a Saturday night and we can run off to the Sun. Fingers crossed The Departed and/or Suburban Mayhem will still be showing, although if one isn’t it means we won’t have to make the tricky choice of which to see. If they are both gone it will be download or DVD for those two like Wolf Creek was last night. That film has just confirmed my commitment to at all costs avoid, camping at any time of my life. Unless it’s at an outdoor cinema, then I could be tempted.

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  1. I KNOW!! How disturbing is that movie!! If I was Noni Hazelhurst I’d be scared having him as an ex. And his laugh! Oh GOD his laugh!!!

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