They Really Would

The Original Cut Paw Paw Team Would Like To See You Back

As Phee was sleeping overnight at Nana’s we took the opportunity for a grown-ups morning out (with Bert in tow) and shouted ourselves breakfast in Yarraville at Cut Paw Paw. A little luxury every now and then ain’t such a bad thing and Bert got to point at the trains as they thundered past. He’s such a boy when it comes to trains and trucks – the louder, faster, noisier and bigger the better.

It’s such a glorious day I’m trying to get work finished so I can go sit outside and not mow the grass. I swear someone comes along and sprays it with a magic speed growing spray every night. I did them only last weekend and they’re almost back to the same level but now they can wait until next weekend when they’ll get their Grand Final BBQ trim. 

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