A Non-Train

Here is my lovely picture of a non-train.

A Non-Train

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Let me explain.

We live close to a railway line, very close – in summer when we have the curtains open we will be able to sit in bed on a Sunday morning and watch the occasional goods train, or The Overland, chug on by. The past few weekends we’ve had a steam train go past, a big ole black steam train with gloriously restored carriages behind it. We hear the mornful whistle and thirty seconds later the train steams on past.

The first week we thought ‘cool, a steam train’. The second week I thought ‘there it is again, I should get photo of that’ so last week I had the camera ready to go should it appear again. Come Saturday morning the whistle sounds, I grab the camera and run out the front, get set to snap a great pic and….nothing. I had left the battery in the charger.

Right. Today I was determined to get the picture. Battery in camera, card all but wiped and ears pealed. Woooohoooooo – the train! Grab the camera, out the back door, down the drive and….OH CRAP! I hadn’t unlocked the side gates. A “choo choo choo choo chooo” sound mocks me as I walk back inside, defeated by the Steam God once more.

Next week I’m camping out. I swear I’m going to get a picture of that bloody train if it’s the last thing I do.

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