I’m Just A Bird In The Sky (With Tragic Music Memories)

Oh dear god. What have I done. I’ve even infected my son – he’s standing there bopping along too and Rae, even though she can’t stop laughing, is grooving, as she should ’cause it’s her fault. Earlier today she asked me to download some terrible 1970s song for Jeans For Genes Day at her work tomorrow and while I was sourcing that I stumbled across a, I hesitate to use the world classic so how about, anti-classic. ‘Paloma Blanca’ by The George Baker Selection is now on my pc & pod.

All together now “oooooh la paloma blanca, I’m just a bird in the sky, over the mountains I fly, no one can take my freedom away….”

I can’t believe the same people did ‘Little Green Bag’. Let’s see Quentin Tarantino do something groovy with Blanca in his next flick. Now there’s a cinematic challenge.

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