I have to face it, I’m addicted – and of all the things I choose it has to be bloody expensive and pretty pointless after the first one. My problem is I can’t stop lusting after Crumpler bags.

My first was for my digital camera but this wasn’t enough so I bought this one for my laptop bag :

Crumpler Skivy
But six months has passed and this is now longer enough.

I need a bag to carry my study stuff around and, rather than do the budget wise thing and use an existing back pack or bag, I got it stuck inside my head that I had to get a Crumpler for my books and notepads. Only thing is that Crumpler bags are bloody expensive, even from their 2nds shop so I’ve been keeping an eye out on Ebay for a few weeks. Sunday night I won an auction and picked this beauty up for just over $50. What a bargain.
Tony Smack
I’m thinking now I may have to buy a second laptop, there’s a really cool new satchel just been released…

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  1. Oh Ren, don’t get me started on Officeworks – ask Rae how my eyes glaze over at the very mention of the word. Phee will tell you “that’s dad’s favourite place in the world”. Now, if Officeworks started selling Crumpler bags I’d be in serious trouble.

  2. Oooh, Crumpler bags … me want!
    When we were in China, Leanne was determined to find a Chinese Crumpler rip-off at the markets. She attempted, at length, to describe what she was after, but, fortunately for Crumpler fans, was not able to find fake Crumpler. I’m keeping the ebay bargain secret to myself…

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