Grown Up Glasses

A week and a half after returning to work and we are slowly getting our groove in place. I’d probably be a lot more settled if I could get over my one big obsession at the moment and concentrate on things like cleaning the house and feeding the family.

I’m obsessed with wine glasses.

It all started when we visited Michelton for Mothers Day this year. We did some tastings at the cellar door and they supplied us with magnificent tasting glasses. This got me thinking about the glasses we use for drinking at home. They are not magnificent. They are actually quite terrible – I think I bought them just out of uni. Poor, starting up a house they did the job. Thick, poorly shaped – they may even have come from Ikea if I remember properly. Oh dear. Now I’ve written that they seem even worse.

Any way. The thought that I am now a grown up and I should have proper red wine drinking glasses has not left my mind. At the time I was on leave and on considerably less than half pay, so it wasn’t an option to go out and splurge then. Now, two months later, I can barely think of anything else. I went down the street today to buy a set only to find the shop had shut down while I was away. Unbelievable. Now I’m getting desperate – if anyone can point me in the direction of a shop that’s open tomorrow and has glasses in stock I will be forever in your debt, and I’ll pour you a glass of red in thanks.

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  1. I was drooling over some red wine glasses yesterday in St Kilda in a homewares shop opposite the bottle-o near the supermarket – in that complex on the corner of Barkly St and Acland St. They were cool, and under $30 for six!

    Of my six lead crystal wine glasses that I got for my 21st and got out of storage 11 years later (last year) two remain. M broke the latest one last week. I really might go to St Kilda and buy some so my last two ‘special’ ones have a chance to live a bit longer.

  2. Theres supply and demand in the city, they sell everything and fairly priced.

    Cant think of the name of the lane its off Bourke street between Little bourke and bourke.
    The little bourke end is behind the westpac building.

    A work colleague of mine bought some from there and they were quite nice.

  3. If you want a glass made for what exactly you are drinking then you can’t go past Riedel. They are pricey but (not being a wine expert myself) I went to a wine tasting they put on and they design their glasses specifically for the wine. I drank a red out of a red glass and it was beautiful. Then they got us to drink a white out of the same red glass it tasted like dirt. We then drank the same white out of a white glass and it was beautiful. Something about directing the wine to the correct parts of the palate. I would not have believed it unless I had tried it. This from a girl who was working for and in love with Waterford crystal at the time!!

  4. My much loved and admired wine glasses were obtained from Freedom, but they don’t stock them no more. Not much help there. The ones they do stock are more suited for white wine. A bottle of wine doesn’t quite make it in two of those beauties.

    Mind you, last time I checked was yonks ago, so perhaps things have changed.

    If anyone out there finds large, white bowls that have a sufficiently flat bottom to eat a couple of wheatbix out of, I want to know. ‘ve been looking for over five years now.

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