I don’t like change. Well, that’s not really true. I like new and different things, but I like the familiarity of old patterns and places. This is probably why I’m not happy with what they are doing to ‘my’ market in South Melbourne.

I first discovered the South Melbourne Market in the late 80’s when I lived around the corner in a wonderful terrace share house at 8 Fishley St. I’d walk around there on Sunday mornings and spend my Austudy payments on donuts and cheap books. Almost 20 years later many of the same stalls are still there, although the book shop disappeared a fair while ago. Now, however, they are smartening the place up. Gone are the old dodgy store fronts that face on to Cecil St, replaced with roller shutters and stainless steal bench tops. It’s still chaotic inside but the feeling is that this is changing too. I suppose it’s better for the stall holders but for traditionalists such as myself it’s sad to see the introduction of matching stands at the fruit stalls, lock up shops and just too-fancy-by-a-shade deli stands.

Maybe I’m feeling it doubly so today because another important change occurred this morning – I swapped over my tatty old wallet for a brand new one (bought from the market). It’s always a momentous day for any guy when he changes over his wallet – lurking behind old photos of me and Phee I discovered the first given to me by Rae of herself. I’ve managed to prune out some old cards, found a MasterCard that I should cancel and organised my existing cards a little better. This wallet is a little slimmer too, but that may just be because I have no spending money left.

Another change, but this one a very pleasant one, came yesterday when I did my annual ‘clear out the business account at the end of the tax year’ purchase. I’m typing this now and watching it on a spanky new ViewSonic 19″ wide-screen LCD monitor. It looks great, seems easier on the eye and has built in speakers that sound pretty crappy, but the rest of the package more than makes up for it. Now my old 17″ is sitting forlornly to the side. I think I may try adding another video card to get two monitors working at once on this PC. Now that’s a geeky change, and one I’d be more than happy with.

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  1. View Sonic. Oh how I miss thee. *sigh* Dual monitors would be fun though. Imagine playing WoW on that… oooh, like surround vision…

    Okay, you can SO tell that it’s 1am and I’ve had slightly too much fire water this evening. I going to go to bed. Hope the foot feels better!

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