Okay Okay

I get the message. I’m having a bone scan next week. Apparently it turns me in to radioactive man ’cause I’m not allowed to hold Albert afterwards so Nana Z has been brought in as chief baby wrangler. It’s an all day affair with an injection of Radioactivum (this may or may not be its name) in nthe morning and then the scan happens in the afternoon once I’m radiated enough to glow in the dark.

Now I wonder if I should tell her about my dodgy toe nail…

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  1. I can’t believe I missed that earlier post… but need I remind you the story of a man who ignored headaches for three years and found out he had a FRELLING BRAIN TUMOR only after he lost sight in one of his eyes?
    I would say get thee to a doctor, but you are!

  2. Let me tell you about my (big toe) toenail… I’m kinda assuming that yours is ingrown like mine was? Anyway, I ignored it as much as you can ignore a increasing pustulous painfully ingrown toenail and eventually went to the doctor and had to have the side of my nail cut of down to where it grows… it hurt like hell, more than the ongoing pain of being gross, and as a result of my not doing anything with that toe for so long I couldn’t bend it normally for ages afterward. Anyway, the point is that if I’d gone to the Dr straight away I’d probably not have had all that pain.
    Cheers! 😛

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