Optus ‘No’

Our phone bill arrived in the mail today. One of these days I’m going to do a degree in Phonebillology so I can make sense of it. They did make one error though – it was very easy to see how much our long distance calls cost. That was a very big mistake to make because I have started experimenting with VOIP using Skype. (Mum, this means making phone calls using the computer over the internet instead of a phone over phone lines.) As long as you’re not using up your bandwidth with torrents or downloads the quality is fine.

On our current bill we made 67 minutes of ‘National Calls’. For this honour we were charged $13.50. Using Skype instead it would have cost us $2.10. Sorry Optus, that’s the last time you will be charging us for national calls, and when our contract expires we’ll probably drop our land line too.


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  1. Thanks Tony for the explanation, how did you know I would need it. Can’t keep up with you and your new electronic systems.

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