25? What Am I Supposed To Do With Them All?

Phee had the day off school today, a ‘curriculum day’ for her teachers, and thanks to a particularly fine display of attitude last night wasn’t allowed to watch a DVD, or television, today. By 10:00 am she was moping on the couch, looking at the television that steadfastly refused to turn on no matter how hard she wished.

Seeing Miss Grump sitting there I scooped up Bert, piled them both in the car and headed off down to Williamstown to the library. Now I haven’t been a library member in a very, very long time. I generally buy books I want to read (ah, the carefree life of a childless single person) or having a lovely wife who previously worked in a library all I had to do was drop an email and the book, on a seemingly never ending loan, would magically appear on the dinner table that night. I took along the only bill I have with my address on it (bugger, it’s a week overdue) and after finding the book I was after (The Slot Car Bible) and joined up.

Oh me oh my. How things have changed. Way back when, about 20 years ago, I remember you were allowed 3 books at a time from the good old Shepparton library and now it’s 25 books, plus DVDs, plus CDs. And there’s tech – no more date stamps and flaps of paper inside the front cover; it’s all self serve barcodes, scanners and tiny thermal printers. As Rae reads this blog I’m not even going to mention that the age of librarians seems to have decreased and cuteness levels vastly increased. These days there seems to be a lot to be said for being well read.

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