Perfect Morning

What a perfect morning. Glorious autumnal Melbourne day, sun shining, bay perfectly still, not a breath of wind. I packed up the boy and we headed down to Williamstown.
I was going to head to the beach but at the last minute decided to go touristy instead. We strolled along Nelson Place, looked in Seagulls book store, took a stroll out along the pier, sat in the park while he had his morning rusk, strolled back down the other side of Nelson place and wandered back to the car. The car was parked in front of a school playground and it was recess time. Hundreds of noisy, running, jumping, yelling kids pelting around in front of us. Bert was mesmerised – so many ‘Phoebes’ to play with – he just sat in my arms and grinned.

It’s times like this that make me really wish I didn’t have to work (and that I had brought my camera).

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  1. Tony! Never leave home without it. I was in full cerimonial uniform for ANZAC Day and still had a digital point and shoot in my pocket!

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