Everyone, as the wise old proverb goes, needs good neighbours. It’s one thing when you move house that you can’t control but thankfully with this move we seem to have hit a winner. Last night was bin night, this morning as I fed Bert I could hear the truck collecting the garbage and recycling. I’m fairly sure they haven’t invested in new technology that allows bins to be placed back behind a fence so it seems our kindly old neighbour, Joe, to whom I introduced myself the other day, has tucked our bins away for us.

This place may yet turn out to be a home, not just a house.

2 Replies to “Neighbours”

  1. I’ve got a neighbour like that, too. I don’t know who it is, but they sometimes pull my bin off the street back into the driveway.

  2. My neighbours sort of dislike us at the moment. But the guy across the road is cool and watches to make sure that I turn my headlights off of an evening when I get home. He’s knocked on my door more times than I care to admit.

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