We’re In

We’ve done it. We’ve moved in, but not out. With thanks to the bestest people in the world – namely (in order of appearance) Rob, Zita, Tim, Knackers, Daniel and Marita we move our house from one end of the street to the other. We’re still surrounded by boxes but we have cable internet up and running and the telly was ready for the footy tonight. Who could ask for more? Well, the cats probably could – they are still at the old place. Safe and sound inside but not very happy about it. We’ll bring them down tomorrow when we’ve settled in a bit more.

Now all we have to do is clean to the old place, tidy up the garden and hand in the keys. With a little luck they may let the place early and we could get a few dollars back, but that’s only with a little luck.

I really should have been blogging about Bert’s first footy game last night but when your team is thumped by over a 100 points it sort of takes the sheen off the whole experience. Welcome to the life of a Tiger supporter Bert.

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