City West Drought

Dear City West Water,

What on earth is the point of having a web site when you don’t use it? Your web site tells me there are no outages. Your automated phone service tells me there are no outages. The complete lack of water coming from my tap tells me there is an outage.

I called for a second time, the system once again told me they were currently experiencing no outages but the wait to talk a person about the outage you have when you’re not having an outage would be a while because they were experiencing high call volume – I wonder why? After five minutes I got to talk to a real live human who told me that “oh, Spotswood, yeah – there’s a burst water main. You’ll have to wait a couple of hours for it to come back on.”

You’ve got two systems – for god’s sake use them!

A frustratingly dry Tony.


On further inspection it seems to be the same trouble spot as last time.

No Water Trucks

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  1. Thanks Richard. Not sure what’s going here – my emails are also arriving from the future. Time to check the server.

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