Glasses. No, The Other Sort

One of the things about my dad was the way he’d drink his beer. I think I only ever saw him with a stubby or can in has hand twice, and I can’t honestly say I ever saw him drink from one – Dad only ever drank his beer from a glass. He had two glasses that he seemed to prefer, a glass stein for the afternoon beer and occasionally a long glass, both embossed with the Kiwanis symbol.

I’ve always been a straight from the stubby man myself, although Steve wouldn’t approve that I generally plonk it in a (Richmond) stubby holder, but this is beginning to change. Lately I’ve been drinking Pepsi with loads of ice in a tall glass and tonight I poured a beer in to a glass and was surprised at how much better it tasted. Almost a year since he’s gone and I’m becoming more and more like my dad; that’s something to drink to.

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  1. FANTASTIC…..Next time we drop by I am now expecting a nice cold Carlton Draught sitting on the table next to a couple of frosty 7oz glasses!!!! Glad to hear the Richmond stubby holder is now redundent. CHEERS!

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