I’d Forgotten About Them

At last! CSU finally posted some course details online for one of my subjects. I was so excited reading through the information and then I encountered the two things I’d forgotten about in my enthusiasm to get back to study. Exams and text books.

I had a quick flick through last years exam for Introduction To Information Technology (Oh wow, I just clicked on the return to home page link and saw that page was put up in 1995! That’s prehistoric in Internet time, check the PC Requirements for the course in 1995. Here’s the Intro to Info Tech page now.) and at a rough estimation I would probably just fail if I had to sit it right this very minute, there’s some theory on software development cycles I had no idea about and the last time I saw Assembly Language would have been in 1984 when I bought an Acorn Electron. (Heh – that’s 11 years before that page above was posted, and it’s been 11 years since that page was posted.)

And text books. I’d forgotten how much you are gouged for them. I’m just getting the one so far – and at almost $100 System Architecture had better be a cracking read, although looking at those reviews I may send it back and wait for the movie.

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  1. Systems Architecture sounds familiar….what other subjects are you doing? They have changed all the course though. I can’t believe you have to do intro to IT…very basic. The only subject I struggled with in IT was java. But I think they’ve changed that too and now it is programming principles or something…
    Good luck

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