One Happy Kid

When I was growing up my ultimate dream (one of many) was to have a television in my room. All the groovy kids on the television shows had one and, well, it just seemed so damn cool. I did end up buying myself a telly for my room a few years ago, watched it twice and never turned it on again. So much for dreams.

This afternoon Phee had one of her dreams come true. A couple of months ago I told her if she saved enough money I would give her the last ten dollars and she could get a DVD player for her room. Rules are she has to ask for a DVD and there’s no television watching. She saved the money (eventually, that girl likes to spend) so today we picked up a player and set it up. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen her smile that much. To make things even better we said she could watch one movie straight away. She thought she was in heaven as she watched The Aristocats on her DVD and my old telly.

Thinking about how happy this has made her maybe I should revisit my dream but instead of a 12″ TEAC, maybe a 105cm Sony plasma. There you go, I’m feeling better already.

3 Replies to “One Happy Kid”

  1. I’ve had to start up a new tv fund, as the picture tube is slowly going on mine. I think the best I can hope for is maybe a cheapo 68cm… but my dream one day is… oh, let’s go whole hog… one that is the size of a Senstadium screen.

  2. I was never allowed to have a TV in my room. Ever. I begged, pleaded and cried the biggest crocodile tears in the history of pouting females, to no avail. Phee is one lucky chickie.

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