And Another Beginning

Well, here we are – a brand new start on a brand new server.

I’ve moved hosts for and taken the opportunity to move away from Movable Type and change the technology that drives this whole beast. Unfortunately this means any links will no longer work, but I figure once Google gives this a good going over that won’t matter too much. The main reason I moved was comment spam – WorldPress seems to have much better ways of dealing with comment spam. Hosting on Linux is also cheaper and WordPress, being open source, won’t cost me to upgrade every year when I want new features.

It’s a big job to get this thing to how I want it so for now I’ve used a template off the web to make it look okay. With a Christmas break coming up I may get the opportunity to redo this the way I have planned out. Then again, knowing me, it will probably stay with this template for four years. Either way, thanks for dropping by, welcome to my domain version 2.

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