Too Late

Sorry Netspace, it’s already too late to try and place a straw to break this camel’s back. As Rae has pointed out we’re saying goodbye to you and moving to Optus Cable. If we hadn’t then the three hour outage we experienced tonight would have sent us off any way. You were once a great ISP, now you seem overpriced and your service level has slipped away to nothing. A sure sign you’re in trouble is that when we rang to cancel you didn’t even ask why – surely any business should want to know why its customers are leaving.

Wow, between this and my rant at Cut Paw Paw I’m going to have to find something nice to say about some place or I will have to change this blog to ‘Between Sour Grapes’.

3 Replies to “Too Late”

  1. Yeah that Netspace outage on Wednesday hit a lot of people, myself included. A lot of these faults are with the “upstream provider” though, so switching to another ADSL provider wouldn’t help. Hopefully for you Optus Cable will be more reliable.

  2. I have issues with my ISP Ozemail, over the past month I had poor broadband reception, most nights I could not get any broadband service and I had to use slow dialup which meant no downloading of music. Their service is so bad, I am getting a new modem that may fix the problem, but if that fails (maybe a good chance) I will switch to another provider (such as BigPond). Ozemail promised me a “no worries” broadband service, but I am not getting it with them.

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