I Need To Shoot Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen must die, but only so he can spin in his grave.

Yesterday Rae was giving Bert his bottle and for a bit of noise she had some music video show on. I walked in to see Australian-Idol-Not-Quite-A-Winner Shannon Noll’s latest clip. Fair enough, he’s performing live on stage. Instantly forgettable song…hang on one goddam minute!

Yes. There she is. An adoring fan up the front of the stage (who, by the way, had just snuck in to the concert without paying – I wonder if she downloads illegal copies of Shannon’s MP3s too?). What’s that? Shannon reaches down and pulls her up on stage. She’s shocked and can’t believe her luck as she starts dancing with her ‘idol’. Dear god woman, you aren’t Courtney Cox and he isn’t even remotely The Boss. What a crime that most kids watching won’t even realise what a second rate knock off this piece of dross is.

Shame Shannon, shame. You, sir, are no Bruce Springsteen and shouldn’t even pretend to be.

5 Replies to “I Need To Shoot Bruce Springsteen”

  1. Talk about walking in halfway through a conversation. If you had of been in the room to see the begining of the clip you would have noticed a billboard in the backround stating “Shannon Noll Concert Free”, So the young lass did not sneak in without paying. ALTHOUGH she may have illegally downloaded the MP3 so i wont totally hang and quarter you just yet.

  2. he he did you hear what Peter Costello did? Referred (on radio no less) to Jimmy Barnes as “the boss’ and had to be gently reminded that Bruce Springsteen is in fact ‘the boss’.

  3. Hmm… I guess it might be a bad thing to say that I prefer Noll to The Boss?

    (PS, I couldn’t write Springst**n because your filter is on CRACK, Tony! It’s anti-t**n!)

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