Hopeful No Longer

No need to hope any more, I’m heading back to uni via distance education.

There’s a pile of paperwork (I’d forgotten about that bit and how much uni’s thrive on paper) sitting on the kitchen table ready to post off to Charles Sturt University tomorrow that will have me enrolled in the Bachelor of Information Technology starting next February. I’ve had a look at the course and a major in Online And Web Based Systems looks the way to go.

It feels great to know I’m going back, and fingers crossed by the time Bert is in Grade 1 and Stink is half way through secondary school I will have that lovely bit of paper hanging over my desk.

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  1. Hey tony, just about finished this exact course. Well I’ve done the Business/Info Tech double degree sitting exams now. Not a bad course, but Bert in year 1!! Wow!

  2. So, you’ll be a Bachelor of Information Technology, from CHarles Sturt.

    BITCH. Will you get a certificate saying so?

    (Sorry, sometimes my inner-12-year-old just can’t resist.)

  3. Hi Ann,

    I agree – some of these subjects I’d just like to sit and take the exam now. I’m going to investigate recognition, at least for the basic web/business communication areas.

  4. looks like a good course, can you get any credit for Industry based learning, some of the core subjects look too basic to me. I need a peice of paper too!

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